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Um Computador por Aluno tem regra divulgadaIt was published today (14/06/2010) in the Official Gazette the resolution establishing rules and guidelines for municipalities, states and the Federal District to enable the program One Laptop per Student (Prouca) for the years 2010 and 2011.
This program will allow the purchase of new laptop computers with educational content for networks of public education.

According to the resolution, the equipment will be used for the development of teaching and learning in public networks. They may be purchased through funding from the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES) or their own resources.

Only computers registered in the Registration of Manufacturers Computerized may be financed by BNDES. There is also the possibility of computers being purchased from other sources, provided that upon accession to the record price of records from the National Education Development (ENDF).

The report Education for All, released by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) shows that the low quality of education in Brazilian schools still leaves thousands of children back and is directly responsible for keeping the country in 88th position in the Educational Development Index (FDI), behind poorer countries such as Paraguay, Ecuador and Bolivia.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the repetition rate average for all grades of primary school is 4.4%. But in Brazil, the index is 18, 7%.

Escola Clóris Trigueiro no Pau Brasil em 2010...

School integer in Maranhão, lack a bathroom

Cloris Trigueiro school in Pau Brazil in 2010 …

Escolas Francelina Cunha (11/12/2009)

School Francelina Cunha (11/12/2009)

This photo was sent to me by the teachers of the town of Senador Jose Porfirio / for in a study by UNESCO …

local public school in the village soaps, Courtesy of a Teacher’s Village.

With this "quality standard" is impossible for our country get better results in international indicators, being always playing the latest positions with the poorest countries in the world.

Would schools like the pictures above really need a computer for each student? Given this disparity, proposed by the government, throwing on twitter campaign "ONE PER STUDENT PORTFOLIO.

Logically that this campaign is only the tip of the iceberg of problems and difficulties still exist in Brazil and shamefully.

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